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Piggy Bank Savings


For the latest rates of our Piggy Bank account check the rates section on our website.

We developed this account to help put members achieve short/long term saving goals by paying a higher dividend rate.

Deposit to this account can only be made through regular payroll deduction only. NO transfers or lump sum deposit permitted.

Rates are subjected to change quarterly.

Only one withdrawal is permitted at the end of the 6 month term or the account converts to a regular savings account at the lower dividend rate.

Changes can be made at the end of the 6 month term.

$1000 maximum deposit permitted for every calendar month.


For existing member:
· Fill out Piggy Bank Account sign up form
· Follow the instructions on the bottom of the Piggy Bank Account form
· Fax or mail ALL appropriate forms to:

    FAX: (732) 574-9148
    L’Oreal USA Federal Credit Union
    30 L’Oreal Way
    Clark, NJ 07066
For NEW Credit Union Members:
· Fill out a New Membership Sign Up Application
· Fill out a Direct Deposit Sign Up Form & leave account number section blank
· Fill out a Home Banking Sign Up Form & leave account number section blank
· Fill out a Piggy Bank Account Sign Up Form
· Include a clear copy of a government issued ID (i.e. drivers license)

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